Thursday, June 20, 2019

Have Magic Will Travel......

For any of my regular readers you all know that as a Busker I try to perform everywhere I travel. So for business or vacation I always have some magic with me and some sort of busking set up.
I also happen to be a bag and case fanatic! I love different bags and cases both custom and generic and I've spent a lot of time looking for that "perfect bag" to carry my act that is both portable and can hold all the magic I need to street perform. I've also come up with many different portable magic table designs that are adapted very well to the portability needed for street performing.

Well this trip is no different. I'm back in Baraboo Wisconsin and Wisconsin Dells for @Pupperdoodle18 's YMCA Gymnastics National Competition. So I assumed there would be some down time so I brought my Busking bag. This case is one of my favorites. I've travelled all over the place with this one, its a case that holds a tiny table top and tripod stand as well as my 8 inch linking rings, chop cup and a bunch of other magic for a solid 20-30 minute street show.

Its a violin case I found at a thrift shop and after removing the guts from one side it holds plenty  of magic as well as one of my Steampunk hats, goggles included. Its small and has a handle and the case can be left open leaning against the tripod to have a collection bin after all those clever hat lines at the end of my act. So keep an eye out on your travels for me and of course other buskers. Be they magicians, or musicians or balloon sculpture artists please support street entertainers. 
Until next time Be Well and Keep 'em clean

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