Monday, September 9, 2019


2 Weeks ago I was privileged to participate at the first SteamFest hosted by WeDiscoverGeeks in Bethlahem PA. The location was AMAZING! A place called The Stacks. This was the perfect backdrop for a SteamPunk event. The old factory and buildings were great to look at and use as a backdrop for photos and selfies.

The plan was to host an event that highlighted the importance of STEAM in education and how the Maker movement has encouraged and embraced this philosophy. SO on August 31st I arrived and checked in. The excitement was like static in the air. The goggles and gears and Victorian dress was everywhere. I strolled around the vendor area to check out the wares for sale. I am always impressed by the level of art and ingenuity of the creators that make up the vendors. I met and spoke with a few as I scoped out my pitch trying to gauge guest traffic flow to get the most foot traffic.  I set up my table at the top of one of the vendor isles between the vendor area and the Steampunk Sailboat-Car
Yeah it was cool. And I spoke to the builder and its a real vehicle and he actually drove it to the fest. I put on my badge, put out my hat and watched the crowds grow to start my show. 
What a great day! I did about 10 shows, and had generous hats. between shows I walked around the Fest, sat in on some panels and just soaked in all the creativity and enthusiasm for this cool genre.
At the end of the day I spoke with my hosts and they told me they pre registered and expected about 600 people but in the end they had well over 1000! Truly a successful event...…and of course I was invited back for next year. 
Then as a bonus, they contacted me about another event WeDiscoverGeeks is hosting and invited me to work that event as well. I also plan to reach out to some other SteamPunk Festivals I learned about from people I got to know during the day. 
I look forward to working at many of these events in the future......
Be Well and Keep 'em clean

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