Thursday, May 23, 2019

Busking Cardiff

What a great trip! I Just returned from Cardiff Wales where I participated in the SCHOOL OF BUSKING with Master Magic Buskers Mario and Veronica Morris. Got there Thursday morning jet lagged but excited......I fell asleep, very exciting I know, but I did wake up in time to get some dinner in a local restaurant. Cardiff is a very nice city and everyone I met, spoke with, or just interacted with was pleasant and happy to talk. Very welcoming! Friday morning we gathered at the Ocean Arts Center and after meeting the rest of our group, Jeremy, Jan, Phil, and Scott we started working through our acts giving feedback and getting feedback from each other. No matter how long you've been performing, and how great you think you are its always a good idea to work with a coach or director or even just a colleague to get objective feedback. This means notes on the good and bad aspects, what works and what doesn't. Its a very important part of the improvement process.

Then we hit the streets. Mario scoped out a good pitch and we all took turns doing our shows. Stopping the crowds, getting them to stay and watch and then collecting the money for a show well done.

By the time I started my Cups and Balls Finale I was performing for a crowd of about 75 people and everyone was having lots of fun. It was great when I started my hat lines I hadn't even finished the finale and people rushed forward to put money in my pouch! Then after the finale it kept was a good day.
Clearly the busking environment in Wales is much different than NY.  I can't wait to head back and busk more places in Europe.....but that's sometime in the future. For now I'll be out in the Parks in Queens and Manhattan.....and a few festivals around the tristate.

Be Well and Keep 'em clean

Monday, May 6, 2019

Dachshund Spring Fiesta!!!

Its that time of year again! The twice yearly meet up for all Dachshund lovers in Washington Square Park, NY under the Arch at the base of 5th Ave. The last Saturday in April and the First Saturday in October lovers of this adorable dog breed meet up with their Dachshunds and schmooze and at 1 PM sing the Dachshund Song, and of course pet and play with the dogs.
So last Saturday Pupperdoodle and I took Otto to Washington Square Park for the festivities.
The weather was great in the park, not too hot with a slight breeze and all the Dachshunds you could handle. All combinations of color and type enjoyed each others company, sniffing and barking in celebration of their breed. 

Then the culmination of the event came at 1PM when everyone grabbed a song sheet and accompanied by Murray Weinstock we all sang the Dachshund Song by Paul De Vries and Murray Weinstock. 
Its always great fun and we look forward to this meet and greet each October and April
And of course Otto loves the event but it takes a lot out of him 
I'm sure after a good nap he'll be up and ready for the next adventure!
Keep 'em clean

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