Wednesday, April 10, 2019

why hire a magician for your event.....

Let me set the stage for you. You've planned your event, be it a graduation party, engagement party, or even 50th birthday party. Everything is in place, the venue, the food, the decorations and your guest list, and the party begins, music plays and your guests begin to arrive.
What do they do? Have you ever given any thought to what your guests will do as they arrive. They come in, look around, notice your efforts to set the scene and your attention to detail in the decorations or the sign in board or place cards, ah the place cards!
      Have you ever noticed how people stop and spend so much time at the place cards, or even as they stop and note to themselves the seating arrangements. Guests will find their card or scout out a place to sit and then take note of who else is there or invited and if they know them or not. They are looking for a friend or at least acquaintance to find a comfort level. "Oh great there are people I know so there will be someone to sit and talk with" That's what they are thinking and once they realize there is going to be someone they know there is a relief that they are not "alone" at your event. 
     At a wedding or family event this is much easier (or maybe not when dealing with family relationships!) Then the party begins and you may notice that people gather in small groups with those they already know. After all this isn't a self help group where they need to introduce themselves to everyone in the circle.
    As the host you may have the time or inclination to go to every table and make sure that everyone at each table has introduced themselves. "So everyone this is John from work and this is Jane my second cousin I found out you both like Star Wars...." No that's not likely as the host you have other responsibilities. So where does this have anything to do with hiring a magician for your party.
The art and performance of magic is ALL ABOUT INTERACTIONS!!
      Yes its not just card tricks and wow how did he do that? Its much much more. As I walk around performing at a cocktail hour or table to table at a party, my first job is to interact with every guest, weather they know each other or not and engage them in conversation and entertain with my magic. If there are 2 or 3 small groups on the floor just talking I can engage all of them and help them all interact as they all together engage in the enjoyment of the magical effects I perform. I've found that people at a party who don't know each other and would never even make the effort to introduce themselves or make small talk will come together, watch and engage in the magic weather its selecting a card, holding out their hand hold an object, confirm a serial number on a bill, or even just contribute by watching, and of course reacting.
       Have you ever been to a party where people line up just outside the kitchen door waiting for the next tray of  hot passings to come out, or are just leaning up against the bar looking around the room, because there is nothing to do and that's the most exciting thing  going on until they are asked to move onto the next part of the event. Now these same people have moved into the cell phone world and are just standing there checking their emails and social media. But as a magician I look for these guests and help them engage with those around them. That's what magic is all about, its a way to engage and help people interact and enjoy themselves along with other humans in the room.
So I ask you to think about this next time you're at a party or an event. Just look around and check out what your guests are doing.
     I promise you they are clumping in small groups who already know each other from work or family or community and there will be lone stragglers on the fringe just buried in their phones. Lets get them involved and lets engage them and help them enjoy your event with some escape from the mundane and enjoy some magic!
       If you have an event coming up, reach out to me by email "" or call (917) 324-6066 and we can talk about how I can bring magic and amazement to your guests and make your special event even more special and memorable.
Be Well and Keep 'em clean

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