Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Yes Its another on and enjoy

Welcome to the newest Blog on the internet (Yes the World Wide Web does need another blog!)I would like you to come with me on my journey to all the places that magical performances, charity events, and canine fundraising walks take me. As Dr. Vir Lateus Dentum the Magician, Time Traveler and Canine Psychic I go about busking and conversing with my audiences and their dogs. My companion Otto the Wiener Dog often tags along to enjoy my adventures and you'll get to follow right along with us! At times I'll even mix in some adventures of performing with Circus Bicuspid as Dr Molar Magic at charitable walks and fund raising events, so with out further delay, please enjoy the first post of  my all new Blog.

I've been busking at the same pitch for a few years and decided it was time for a change. The hats were fine, and the crowds were always receptive and honestly I may end up going back but I thought it was time for a change. So onto Google I went looking for a street festival or street fail to go to and busk at the edges of the formal event.
I went to a street festival complete with rides and food at Astoria Park in Astoria Queens. Directly under the Triborough-JFK Bridge. What a great pitch it turned out to be! Thanks to the fair the crowds were dense and audiences were plentiful. I did multiple shows and enjoyed a great response every time, the perfect situation for a busker.
A few weekend went by and it was time to test the pitch again but this time without the fair, just the plain park on a Saturday. First of all parking was A LOT easier and it took 2 location changes but the people started to watch and stop and stay for the show, no big hats but lots of nice audiences and 2 videos and photos taken by audience members who were happy to share with me. That it always important for my web page and social media outlets.

This would be a great time to stop and have a commercial for all my social media outlets. Please read and follow me on all platforms, -Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Tumblr. Please search for @drmolarmagic. On Facebook check out the Circus Bicuspid page.
Well that;s it for this post I want to save some great stuff for the next few, thanks for reading and please subscribe so you'll get alerts when I post the next chapter in the adventures of The Brooklyn Magician.
Be Well and Keep 'em Clean

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